Indian Pirates endorse the following demands, for effective curbing of black money in India, originally proposed by Swaraj India

0001-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

December 17, 2016

We demand that along with the demonetization move, the Government should announce the following measures:

  1. A robust system to identify and confiscate the black money that is stashed in the form of benami properties, shares and gold.
  2. A ban on “tax havens” like Mauritius and P-Notes that are used to convert black money into white money.
  3. For stopping use of black money in politics, political parties should be brought under ambit of RTI; BJP and all political parties should be made to disclose all details of cash donations; and Congress and BJP should be penalized for accepting foreign donations.
  4. In the current session of Parliament, the conspiracy to make the anti-corruption laws ineffective should be stopped by consensus of all political parties.
  5. For independent inquiry into corruption in high offices, appointment to the posts of Lokpal, which has remained vacant for past two and half years, should be done immediately.
  6. All black money recovered from the demonetisation exercise should be utilized for social security expenditure for creating assured income for farmers and unorganized labour.